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Recharge Media has proudly produced a compelling array of documentaries that shed light on overlooked narratives. With a firm commitment to amplify the voices that are otherwise unheard, Recharge Media strives to advocate for both the unjustly incarcerated individuals within the United States and the people affected by the Syrian revolution.

Advocacy and Nonprofit work

Recharge Media has effectively collaborated with three distinct non-profit organizations, namely, The Syrian Emergency Task Force, Middle East Matters, and Clean Oceans International, to produce captivating videos and photos. These creations have not only garnered millions of views but have also succeeded in attracting the interest and support of prominent donors, among other notable achievements.

Commercial Marketing and Advertisting

Recharge Media has had the privilege of creating diverse content for a wide range of businesses, organizations, and governments. Our portfolio encompasses an array of projects, from corporate promotional videos to delectable food photography. By partnering with organizations, we have facilitated the discovery and establishment of their unique brand identities, while also illuminating the behind-the-scenes efforts that contribute to their success.

Private Shoots

Recharge Media has had the honor of documenting many cherished moments and significant events through our private sessions. Ranging from graduations to unforgettable weddings and heartfelt family portraits, we have been privileged to capture treasured occasions.